What DOG??

Everyone of us wants to have a dog of our own at one point or another. It may be a small breed of dog or the large one. For me, I want the large breeds. But choosing a dog breed needs a lot of consideration too and I think too much consideration goes to the capacity of the potential owner to provide a decent home for the dog. is an eCommerce website where you can post an ad about an item you want to sell. There are certain restrictions though about the type of items you can post for sale and I think every site has its own rules and regulations. But the good thing is ad posting in is for FREE!!! :)

I was browsing the website today and I saw an ad about a puppy for sale. It's not an ordinary puppy but a chow chow breed puppy. I was drooling over the photo posted along with the details of how to contact the seller. The puppy was so cute and cuddly because of it's thick hair. I really wanted to have my own puppy ever since but as of now, I still can't afford to have one. I don't have my own place yet and not to mention that it will need a lot of money to take good care of the puppy. As I've heard from a friend before that having a dog is also like having a baby. It's costly and needs a lot of your attention. For now, I'll just be contented in looking at those photos over the internet and look forward to the day that I can afford to buy and raise a Chow chow puppy of my own.

The photo of the Chow chow puppy for sale posted on

Chow chow dog photo I've seen from website
I'm not sure if Chow chow belongs to the large breeds of dogs but nevertheless, I still do want to have one in the future. :) How about you? What breed of dog you want to have in the future?



Today is the 13th of August 2011. I almost forgot that today is my dad's birthday. I want to say something about my dad but I'd rather not because I might get too emotional hahaha...We don't talked that much and we are not vocal of how we feel. We are not that close unlike my sister Hazel. Even though we are that strange I know for a fact that he will always be there in times I'll need him the most (I've already proven that). He may not be a perfect father but he is a good one. Hey! no one is perfect in this big crazy world right?

He may not read this but I still want to say thank you dad for every thing and have a happy birthday! This one's for you...


Lesson 101

I was ranting because it's so hard to make my son Kurt study his lessons. I'm so concerned that he is getting small grades in school and not to mention that he's still not good in reading. I've really thought that he was listening behind me and when I turned around to look at him...there he was lying in the bed sleeping with a headset on.

I've smiled to myself seeing this little brat, sleeping soundly while I was ranting with his behavior. Oh my! he thought me a lesson today, I'll never rant without facing him AGAIN! ever!